best headphones

02/15/2016 08:59

In the first place thing I saw when I gave them a shot was the manner by which agreeable they were. You can't exactly see this by the photo, yet they're outlined in a way that they rest easily in your ears.

For a 6.49$ buds these are incredible, I can see why they are #1 hit, it's an extraordinary spending plan decision, sound is great, pleasant volume with no twisting, obviously not comparable to my JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs, yet at the same time really great, I can utilize them at the workplace since the volume is more suitable for that environment, or at whatever point I'm out in the city since they're way more discrete, or to share them when somebody is in critical need of earphones (just for a brief period in any case).

The wire is a tiny bit slender, so yes that'll be a tangle fest, and they don't accompany a case or purse, yet they do give three sets of tips on various sizes in any event .

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