Sony Mdr Nc6

08/03/2015 13:58

Today I’ll be reviewing the sony noise cancelling headphones mdr nc6 they have a couple of version of these out Nc7,Nc8,Nc20 I’ve picked these up because I’ve got them for a really good price and also I’ve got a couple of the other ones coming so I’ll be doing some comparison. You can currently purchase these for a $100 they are active noise cancelling,they have a part in them where you slide the AAA battery. If you turn the active noise cancellation feature on at 50% you will not hear anything around you,now these are small headphones and they are quite weirdly shaped and I first got them I didn’t like them. These definitely have good sound they’re not very basic which I would expect from noise cancelling headphones but they give you those highs and low mids. These are not something I will use on a daily basis. Of course there are other versions of noise cancelling headphones that I would deem better than these because they’re just a little bit older, but other than that,you know for what they were intended they are very very good and you know sony never lacks in that area they always have really good sound headphones. So guys if you’re looking for an active noise cancelling headphones these are for you. So for specifications these headphones reduce the amient noise up to 70% which is more than enough  for you to listen your favorite music without hearing anything that you do not want to. Using 1 AAA battery the noise reduces from 40 to 1,500 Hz and the battery last approximately 30 hours for you to listen music.The compact size and folding design allows these to be stored easily in a backpack,purse or briefcase.You can listen to music without the noise cancelling feature on. The package includes a soft carrying case and an airplane adapter plug.I hope you enjoyed my review of the sony noise cancelling headphones mdr nc6 .